Word: Ragib Rownaq Chowdhury

Bangladesh as a nation is completely dependent on tea, no matter green or black, with milk, lemon, honey or incorporating spices to it, Bangladeshi people love daily dose of caffeine.

To meet cravings, Gulshan Unimart’s Chef’s Table has brought us Halda Valley tea with their exquisite tea collection for the tea lovers of Bangladesh. The tea leaves are collected from their own estate of the company creating an initiative to keep in mind the taste of true tea lovers and health conscious tea addicts.

A good start to a meeting or a day is to start with a good cup of tea but with a more rising popularity of health consciousness the tea market is shifting through changes in its customer’s choices.  Heavy liquor laden with sugar and milk is being replaced by Matcha tea, Oolong tea and addition of many other flavours.

Halda Valley Tea boutique let all the consumers know how negative impacts does dairy and sugar bring

and so they acknowledge their customers to lean towards liquor based tea as it brings many health benefits along with the great taste.

Bangladeshi tea brand Halda Valley has become a prominent name in local and as well as international market for their premium quality tea leaves which ranges from their premium selection of different teas to choose from. Golden Eyebrow black tea, Dragon Well green tea and Silver Needle white tea are to name some.

Although targeted towards a niche market, Halda Valley tea is the perfect example of many years of perseverance and hard work. The brand produced nine lakh kilograms of tea last year, that too from a tea estate which was abandoned and later salvaged by founder and managing director of Mr. Nader Khan.

Though It was a great challenge for Nader Khan as the estate was deserted for many years. When the first seeds were planted, most of the plants died in the first year due to lack of irrigation.

The current tea estate is sprawled over 1 thousand 52 acres of land and an advanced irrigation process that Nader Khan adapted from Thailand is used.

An 85gram box of Halda Valley’s Golden Eyebrow black tea costs BDT595, where as its 50gram box (contains 20 sachets) costs Tk365. The Dragon Well green tea comes in boxes of 75gram, 55gram and 30gram with each costing Tk625, Tk475 and Tk265 respectively. The Grandeur Collection costs Tk3500 whereas the Inspiration Collection costs Tk2500.

Although the crushed tea is more popular in tea markets but their main focus is on green tea leaves. So comparing their products with other brands may not be appropriate for now. However, they are hopeful about their brand’s future. In 2010, Halda Valley was nationally recognized for having the highest number of tea plantation in Bangladesh. Halda Valley tea is currently exported to China and Kuwait.

As of us, there won’t be any trouble to park your valuable ride due to the huge parking space Gulshan’s Unimart has to offer. We at Turbine highly recommend you guys to pay a visit at Halda Valley tea to indulge in a majestic experience of tea that would suit their taste bud.