The new BMW 5 Series, that’s like saying either the new VW Golf or the new Mini. Although it has almost all the new parts, we all know exactly what it will be: a great-driving, excellently-built, elegant luxury car, with a list of options that crosses the entire dealer’s forecourt. The new components, by the way, are based on the current 7-Series floor pan and frame. Thanks to aluminum all over the body, the body is impressively light but the 5 doesn’t have the pricier 7’s fancy carbon fiber structural elements.

Price: £46,765-£52,740


Audi A6

Comfort and athletic Daring claims, and possibly appropriate considering that the A6 is based on the same platform as the A7 and A8, and therefore gets a great deal of new tech. Nearly all on its larger, more complex main rivals, except in particular the sophisticated AI autonomy of the A8, available. Technology such as all-wheel steering, the mild-hybrid system for engine-off coasting up to 99mph.

Price: £40,740-£59,310

Mercedes Benz E-Class

It is bigger and roomier than the previous edition; it uses high-strength steel and aluminum frame to minimize weight. The range ‘s big-selling axis, the 220d, is now having a revolutionary new four-cylinder all-alloy diesel engine, the upshot being a vehicle weighing 100 kg less than the one it replaces. Already, there is a 350d, and further models to follow.

Price: £50,225- £96,180


Toyota Crown

The Crown, the prominent high-end car in Japan, has continued to develop and reach the boundaries, providing ever more sophisticated driving efficiency and state-of-the-art connected functions. The new Crown is a car that will take your breath away in every single aspect including design, driving.

Price: £65,109

Jaguar XJ

The futuristic range-topping saloon of jaguar remains a striking vehicle, even three years after its launch. It has been updated for 2014, with slightly improved suspension settings, stronger sat-nav, a regular eight-speed car with stop-start plus significant diesel performance improvements. Now it’s again being facelifted, with updated engines and interior equipment, full-LED headlights, and more distinctive daytime running lights ‘J-blade.’

Price: £62,935



Volvo S90

It is the new take on Sweden’s executive saloon in Germany. The super-slick S90 comes after the aging, slightly anonymous S80. It takes the conventional Volvo three-box design and upgrades it with XC90 styling references. It is bold, but in a class dominated by rationality and reason

Price: £50,000-£63,000

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is nearly as big as the BMW 5 Series but cheaper than any BMW 3 Series, and only available with the same type of hybrid ‘self-charging’ system as the Prius. This means a 4-cylinder engine, 2.5 liters here, and a CVT transmission-basically the same drivetrain that you get in the Lexus ES.

Price: £25,000-£36,000

Honda Accord

Graceful handling is an Accord hallmark and its athletic chassis, lightly weighted steering, and balanced ride come standard across the line-up. Also, standard: a suite of driver-assistance features including automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control. The 2020 Accord is not only the best-driving family sedan; it’s also one of the best-equipped choices in its class, making it an easy recommendation for today’s car shoppers.

Price: £25,000-£37,000

Genesis G80

The 2020 Genesis G80 stands out in a class full of stylish luxury mid-size cars, but that’s more to do with its intriguing engine options and lower price than style. Rest assured, this Genesis is not a cut-rate sedan trying to masquerade to the upper class. Rather, its creamy ride and comfortable cabin provide an upscale experience for a broader consumer range. While the base engine is better avoided, both its V-6 and V-8 twin-turbo make great sounds and provide great acceleration.

Price: £43,000-£58,000