Lamborghini’s new Escenza SCV12 may be the death of the V12

Lamborghini’s motorsport division, Squadra Corse, unveiled a rocketed version of the Aventador on Wednesday. It’s called the Essenza SCV12, and it may just be the last ever Lamborghini V12.

The legacy of the Lamborghini V12 started back in 1963, when Ferrucio Lamborghini founded the company to compete with Enzo Ferrari over a certain qualm. As a rebuttal, Feruccio gathered the most deft of men to give birth to the Lamborghini V12, a legacy much incremental in automotive history. Ever since then, the V12 has been Lamborghini’s flagship engine, and the very first V12 was revised and used till 2011 in the Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce. This is not to say it died though, but the newer V12s used in Lamborghini’s flagship lineup, the Aventador, were completely new and separated from its roots. Albeit, the original one designed by Giotto Bizzarinni lives on in spirit, fuelling the Lambo’s rage. As the world moves on though, big engines have been facing death’s door and the final iteration of the infamous Lamborghini V12 may be here.

Lamborghini has already confirmed that its Aventador replacement, due around 2022, will be a plug-in hybrid. So it goes to say we will soon see the burial of the NA V12, with turbochargers and smaller displacements or electrification taking its place. Reinforcing this speculation is the craziest Lamborghini in recent times, the track-ready Escenza SCV12 with the most powerful Lambo V12 till date, a highly tuned version of the Aventador’s 6.5 litre V12.

Not much has been shared about the monstrous engine, only that it’ll produce upwards of 819 horsepower mated to a 6 speed sequential gearbox, putting it above the Aventador SVJ with its 759hp. At high speeds, a roof-mounted ram-air intake also delivers pressurized air to further boost power. But it’s not just the power that is the astounding part of this track beast. Lamborghini claims that the Escenza’s aerodynamics produce more downforce than a GT3 car. We can observe a vented hood which manages airflow up and over the windshield so that cool air reaches the snorkel scoop on the roof to feed air to the engine. An extended front splitter, side flics, and a gargantuan adjustable carbon fibre rear wing all augment towards the aim of keeping the car glued to the track. It sits on magnesium wheels, 19-inch up front and 20-inch in the rear, wrapped in Pirelli tyres made specifically for this car.

Only 40 of the Escenza SCV12 will be put out, and said 40 will receive special treatment from the Italian manufacturer. Lamborghini recommends the owners to have their cars stored at a special hangar at Lamborghini’s headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, which will have separate bays for each of the Escenzas. Owners will have access to a secure camera feed to feast their eyes on their cars and can have it transported to anywhere by Lamborghini if they want to take it out on the track. The buyers will get an opportunity to go to advanced driving programs at various racetracks across the world with Squadra Corse engineers and five-time 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Emanuele Pirro. Lamborghini also says a few special events throughout the year to let Essenza SCV12 owners get together and enjoy their cars as a group. 

All of the special treatment goes to say this really may be the last nail in the coffin to the Lamborghini V12. The end of the legacy is inevitable, but if this truly is a send-off, it isn’t too bad.