Words : Navid Hossain ; Photography : Courtesy

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, it is definitely not Superman. Jokes aside, the Kitty Hawk’s flyer looks more like a flying ATV rather than a bike or car.

Larry page the cofounder of Google is currently backing up the company Kitty Hawk. The “Flyer” had already reached a flying prototype phase. The Flyer was supposed to be easy to maneuver with no license required. The Flyer was first introduced back in 2015. It is a single-seater electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle (eVTOL). 10 independent lift fans power the vehicle. The main purpose of developing this vehicle was to invent a light and easy to use the flying vehicle for normal people use.

As per information provided by the company the 111 Flyer were made and took flight. Approximately 25,000 thousand successful flights were both crewed and uncrewed. Now, Kitty Hawk Managed to gain a lot of attention. The popularity of this vehicle went up gradually over the years. Now, the main purpose of this being called a vehicle is that it is what a flying car or a bike would have been.

But alas! The Flyer program is coming to an end. The company decided to focus more on the final aircraft project the Heaviside. The Company will lay off 70 people involved in the development of this flying bike or ATV. Still, the company won’t do team injustice. The Kitty Hawk company will lay off 70 of the developers with 20 weeks’ worth of pay and medical insurance covered. With the further benefit of taking a few people from the Flyer program.

According to Kitty Hawk, they got what they intended to do. This gave them ample data from their research for future projects. So this wasn’t a complete loss. But the main reason for this to be shut was the inability to find a proper business model. Apparently, the vehicle flew much slower over water than on land. This needed to be upgraded and there is a lot of room for improvement.

“No matter how hard we looked, we could not find a path to viable business” according to Thrun, CEO of Kitty Hawk.


Xiaomi is a Smartphone manufacturing company, really popular for making phones within a really affordable range.  Not only is Xiaomi popular globally, it is a people’s choice here in the southeast region. Now what is not well known is the fact Xiaomi is an electronics manufacturer. From flashlights, trimmers to even screw drivers. Xiaomi makes products that affects the daily lives of people. These are all daily necessity products.

Judging by this it was no surprise Xiaomi would expand their horizons.  Stepping into the personal transportation was only a matter of time for Xiaomi. Xioami directly didn’t go into this line of devices. They instead chose to back up a Beijing based robotics company, Ninebot. They later bought the American self-balancing two wheeler company Segway. Simply put, Xiaomi bought Segway.

With ninebot and segway merged, ninebot came up with some innovative self balancing two wheelers over the years. Prime example being The Ninebot S, Elite PTR. They even manufactured the ES series kick scooters. The ES2 and ES4 became really popular after their release.

Now, Ninebot won’t just end with kick scooters. They are launching the new Ninebot C30 in their home ground. It is really affordable and compact. This will initially be released in Mainland China.

The most impressive thing about the C30 is its price. It was initially priced at 2,100/- yuan which is approximately BDT. 28,000/-.  Later it is increased to 3599/- yuan, which is approximately 47,000/- BDT. This pricing is still exclusive of taxes. Nonetheless, this scooter is still less expensive than some of the mid-range Smartphone in the market. A good mid range Smartphone, for example the Oneplus 8T goes for roughly BDT 55,000/-. In comparison, the C30 scooter is bang for its buck.

The Xiaomi Ninebot c30 has a top speed of 25km/h making it a low range model. A license is not required to own or ride this vehicle, as it also has the functionality of a bicycle.

The battery can support 35km distance on full charge. This is a great backup when running out of fuel or the energy to peddle. Upfront the C30 has disc brakes and telescopic fork suspension. Mono shock suspension and drum brakes on the back. Alongside those, it also has a LED headlamps and taillights and a luggage rack.

The news of Xiaomi releasing this model up south is yet to be confirmed. After market dealers are expected to bring upon proper release.