Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R on display in Dhaka

With special permission from the government the import for the legendary 1000cc bike has been made possible


Five times World Superbike Campion, the Kawasaki Nina ZX-10R has been unveiled for display at the Kawasaki Bangladesh flagship showroom from July 23. Bangladesh currently has restrictions for importing motorcycles over 165cc, but with special permission from the government, the import for the legendary 1000cc bike has been made possible. Thanks to Kawasaki Bangladesh.

Even though the bike is not allowed to be taken out on the road, it is a childhood dream for many enthusiasts to see the big monster up-close. The superbike features a 1000cc 4-cylinder engine, that produces 197 horsepower and 114NM torque. The bike weighs at 206 kilograms and has a fuel tank capacity of 18 litres. It also has many electric features like dual-channel ABS, which means that each wheel is controlled independently. A traction control system and steering damper which helps keep the bike stable at high speeds. Twin disc brakes on the front and a single disc brake for the rear wheel.

The enthusiasts around the country hope that someday, the government will allow bikes with higher capabilities to ply on the streets of Dhaka. Maybe not the superbikes like this one-litre monster, but bikes which are of 250cc or around could bring a lot of joy to our local riders.