Jobike the healthy ride sharing service

Jobike is a ride sharing service with a twist, instead of using internal combustion vehicle that harms the environment, it uses bicycle, a method of transportation that is good for both the user and the environment

Jobike started is journey in June 2018, being found by one Mehedi Reza a former product operations manager at Alibaba Group, the world’s largest online trading company.

Initially, the purpose of jobike was to provide transportation to tourist’s visiting Cox’s Bazar and offered from service from the city’s Calatoli, Sugandha and Labani Point. Later it expanded their operations at various university, starting from Jahangirnagar. It currently also offer service to Chittagong University, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology and Dhaka University. It currently experimenting with providing transportation in capita’s various residential areas, starting with Mirpur DOHS.

Jobike works quite differently from other ride sharing services, for example its bikes don’t magically appear on your doorstep if you summon them. Instead the bikes are stored in specific areas, called “docks”. To use them, one has to download the Jobike mobile application and open an account. The app would show the nearby docks with available bikes. After entering the payment information, a QR code will be provided, which can be used to unlock the bike.

The user be charged for every minute of use, and the bicycles must be returned to the dock to end the trip. In Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar the cost per minute is 1 taka but on university campuses, it will cost 3 taka for every five minutes.

Speaking of payment, Jobike has set up some retail points around their service area, where riders can top-up their account balance and pay for their service. Currently they are also in talk with bKash to allow their customers to pay through the platform.

Mehedi Reza, founder and chief executive of Jobike, said the response to their bike has been “extraordinary’ and demand for their bike is very high, especially in the University’s. “A few days ago, students chanted slogans demanding an increase in bike numbers.” He said.

According to Reza, the company is also working to roll out the service in Bashundhara residential area with long term plans to cover Gulshan, Baridhara, Uttara and Dhanmondi. As for the rest of the country, they plan to cover major parts of it country within a year.

With the rising concern for climate change, eco-friendly vehicles such as bicycles became a popular method of transport in large cities such as London, New York, Melbourne, Paris, Madrid, Copenhagen and Singapore. These bike have zero carbon emission and provide a healthy workout to the general mass. Overall these services provides a very positive outlook for both the people and planet.