Jobike Redefining The Purpose of Cycles

Due to the pandemic, transportation services in Dhaka has been limited. Individuals who rely on these public transports are being impacted the most. In order to help them, Jobike, Bangladesh’s first cycle sharing service has entered the scene. The organization has officially launched its operation in Gulshan, Banani & Baridhara areas on June 24th, to create a greater impact during this time of need.

Written By- Neehan Rashid

Pictures: Jobike

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, transportation services in Dhaka has been brought down to its knees. This unfortunate event has impacted the individuals who rely on public transport the most. As a result, cycle sharing service, Jobike has entered the scene, in order to help the people in need.

Soft launched in 2018, Jobike is the first sharing app in Bangladesh that uses cycles as a mode of transportation. Starting with 300 Jobike cycles and 5 stations throughout the city, including some universities like Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University, and Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Jobike has the main aim of making transportation greener and cheaper.

In order to create a greater impact and help more people during this Pandemic, Jobike has officially launched its operation in Gulshan, Banani & Baridhara areas on June 24th. Honorable Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation, Mr. Atiqul Islam, and Honorable State Minister Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak, Minister of State for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) along with other partners were all present during the Grand Inauguration.

A Customer who wants to avail the service will need to download the mobile application first. Then the app helps the user locate a Jobike cycle nearby. Once located, the user is required to fill in their payment information after which a QR code will be provided. The code is going to be printed on the cycle and the user needs to scan it in order to unlock the cycle from the dock. After all the steps are completed, the user can use the cycle to go anywhere they want. Once done being used, the cycle needs to be locked at a designated parking spot set by Jobike. The process is that simple.

This service is going to be a great help at the current time, because in Dhaka, many public transportation services have been reduced as a measure to control the outbreak of COVID-19. But for those, who still need to avail the public services in order to go to work or get necessities, it has turned out to be a very big hassle as the service is so limited. Using public transports like busses during this time period, can also be considered as an open invitation for the virus. Hence, if you need to get medicines or buy groceries, using Jobike will help save the day.

You may think it’s not safe, but services like Jobike who use cycles as form of public transportation have the lowest risk of COVID-19 transmission during this crisis. This has in fact encouraged many cities around the world to utilize cycles as an emergency transport solution. Hence, it won’t be a bad decision to utilize Jobike’s service, as it could be the string of light that will guide the people of Dhaka during this time of need.