Jeep announces a reveal date for the new Grand Wagoneer (+ some teaser images)

A new teaser from Jeep showcases the grille and an interior knob of the new Grand Wagoneer. More importantly though, Jeep has announced an official reveal date for the new iteration of the Grand Wagoneer marque.

The automaker announced the Grand Wagoneer to be revealed on the 3rd of September, likely to go on sale in mid-2021.

The teaser images tell us of the big G’s relationship with chrome, as it had been with the previous iteration. The grille has maintained the signature boxy shape and the chrome look of the original Grand Wagoneer, although the new grille seems to have adapted to Jeep’s 7-piece grille as opposed to the big singular glaring one found in the older Wagoneer. It’s not entirely different, as the 1993 Wagoneer ZJ featured Jeep’s signature flat 7piece grille, but the upcoming one seems to have stuck to its roots with the boxy angular design (akin to the 1965 Wagoneer), and the similarity between the two is quite visible upon a glance at a juxtaposition.

2020 Wagoneer Roadtrip Concept based on the 1965 Wagoneer

Jeep will offer two variants, the Wagoneer with a shorter wheelbase and the Grand Wagoneer with a longer wheelbase. Suburban. It’s expected to ride on the Ram 1500’s body-on-frame platform and come with V6 and V8 options, but a plugin hybrid wouldn’t be unexpected either.