Infiniti’s Take on Digital Purchasing and At- Home Test Drives

Concierge services to car buyers, as well as at-home pickup and delivery.

Words: Neehan Rashid   Pictures: courtesy

Due to the Coronavirus situation, many automotive brands are struggling to sell their vehicles which is impacting their business significantly. However, this isn’t stopping high end automotive brands like Genesis who are providing online shopping and test drives to their clients in reaction to the pandemic. Infiniti is the latest to join the category with their “Infiniti Now” digital programme which has been designed with the sole aim to take care of their current and potential clients.

Infiniti’s new digital platform offers online shopping, research, financial arrangements with the company’s personnel via text or video. Buyers can also schedule an at-home test drive through the interface that can last for 24 hours. If all the boxes are ticked, the new Infiniti vehicle is delivered to the new buyer’s driveway. It is that simple.

As for paperwork, the digital shopping tool provides the customer with two options to choose from. The buyer could sign the paperwork that comes with the vehicle on-spot while the Infiniti representative waits or they can scan it and send it digitally to the dealership.

The automaker also added additional features to the service center with pickup and drop-off service and an interactive multipoint inspection using the company’s ICAR-X service. The system shares the vehicle’s condition before inspection with a price breakdown of items that need service. The owner can authorize any service or repairs just with their phones. This not only solves the social distance problem of the pandemic but also makes the whole process much simpler for both the customer and the workshop.

Beta testing of Infiniti Now is already underway, with the full rollout to select dealers set to begin on June 1.