IDEMITSU is a Japanese petroleum company that owns and operates oil platforms, refineries and produces and sells petroleum, oils and petrochemical products. IDEMITSU is the second largest petroleum refiner in Japan, after Nippon Oil. Asian Petroleum Ltd., a company incorporated in Bangladesh is the sole distributor of IDEMITSU in Bangladesh since 2017.

On June 20, 1911, IDEMITSU Shokai, the predecessor of IDEMITSU Kosan, took its first steps in the oil sales business at the trading port of Moji in Kitakyushu, Japan. For more than 100 years, IDEMITSU has gained experience through extensive research and adapting to new technologies. Making IDEMITSU lubricant one of the best choice for industrial and personally driven vehicles, IDEMITSU still continues to be one of the dominating brands. IDEMITSU pioneered the original 0W-20 engine oil found in many vehicles on the road today.

IDEMITSU works directly with leading OEMs to develop lubricants which exactly match their specifications. This results in a better performance, fuel economy and less wear. IDEMITSU is the authorized manufacturer of HONDA & SUZUKI genuine engine oil.

IDEMITSU has been a long term supplier for companies such as Mazda. IDEMITSU racing oil formulations have been specifically engineered to meet the unique requirements of the Rotary Engine. The technology base for these formulations began in 1991 when IDEMITSU developed the engine oil for the winning LeMans Mazda 787B.  As a longtime supplier of vital lubricants to Mazda, IDEMITSU has intimate knowledge of the requirements of rotary engines.

IDEMITSU Lubricants are environmentally friendly as well. Environmental protection is of key importance around the world and drives IDEMITSU’s commitment to lead the development of environmentally friendly lubricants.