Iconic bike edition

For this month, we have decided to take a break from the usual routine and talk about some of the most iconic bikes in the world of motorcycles. We hope you enjoy!


Triumph Bonneville

The Bonneville is an undisputed motorcycle icon. Loved by riders of all ages and types around the world, for many it represents the essence of what a motorbike should be

Model Year: 1959-present

Engine Displacement: 650-1200cc

Horsepower/torque: Depends on the model


Honda CB750

The first four cylinder motorcycle to hit the market, the CB750 single handed responsible to defeating the Triumph Trident and ensuring the domination of Japanese motorcycle in the US market.

Model Year: 1969-2017

Engine Displacement: 736.3cc

Horsepower/torque: Depends on the model


Royal Enfield Bullet


Bullet, the quintessential Royal Enfield, is today the longest running motorcycle in history to be in continuous production and deliver pure motorcycling experiences across generations of riders.

Model Year: 1931-present

Engine Displacement: 350-500

Horsepower/torque: Depends on the model


Suzuki Hayabusa

Considered by many as the Ultimate Sportbike, this iconic motorcycle’s phenomenal performance is matched by equally impressive handling, allowing the Hayabusa slips through the wind like a peregrine falcon.

Model Year: 1999-presnt

Engine Displacement: 1299-1340

Horsepower/torque: Depends on the model


Kawasaki Ninja H2

Insanity on two wheels. The Ninja H2 brings the mind-bending power of supercharged hypersport racer to the street. Boasting a powerful 998cc inline four-cylinder engine, the H2 is either an expensive suicide instrument or the purest expression of raw performance.

Model Year: 2015–present

Engine Displacement: Supercharged (two-speed centrifugal) 998 cc inline-4 DOHC

Horsepower/torque: 310 hp /156nm


Royal Enfield Continental GT

A modern interpretation of a cultural icons of 1950s and 60s, the Continental GT 650 Twin recaptures the spirit of our Continental GT 250. A design icon, the perfect blend of tradition & modernity.

Model Year: 2018-present

Engine Displacement: 650cc

Horsepower/torque: 47bhp/52nm


Yamaha Vmax

The VMAX is one of the most iconic motorcycle Yamaha has ever created. Designed is for riders who want to pick up speed in a straight line at an alarming rate, while having enough handling and agility to enjoy mountain roads.

Model Year: 1985-present

Engine Displacement: 1197-1679cc inline-4 DOHC

Horsepower/torque: Depends on the model


Harley-Davidson VRSC

Most commonly known as the V-Rod, this is one of the most beautiful and reliable Harley ever made. It’s massive engine creates a presence everywhere it goes regardless of the face if it is a pack or not.

Model Year: 2001-2017

Engine Displacement: 1131-1247cc

Horsepower/torque: Depends on the model


Honda Gold Wing

A limo on two wheels is the best way to describe this beast. Come with comfortable seats, cruise control and even air conditioning, this is the bike that invented the concept of the modern touring motorcycle.

Model Year: 1974-present

Engine Displacement: 999-1833cc

Horsepower/torque: Depends on the model


Moto Guzzi LeMans

The ani-vespa of Italian motorcycle, the LeMans is nothing special on the surface. However, it’s performance in track had proved again and again that under its simple design, hides a monster that will give most modern literbikes a serious run for their money.

Model Year: 1976-2004

Engine Displacement: 844cc

Horsepower/torque: Depends on the model