Beep Beep! This sound is a form of fatigue in Bangladesh. There are too many vehicles on the streets nowadays. In this city of Dreams-Dhaka, everyone runs out of time and gets immensely impatient on the roads. Back in 2016 in a survey, it was found that drivers honk 19 times in a second near Shahbag circle.

In the meanwhile, in this era of 2020; the scenario did not improve rather far from progress.

The most outward question is -Is there any way we can reduce horn?

In answer, Mominur said, ”   we have to love this place where we live, to solve the problem. If we focus on driving, use our back mirrors and light beams properly we will be able to reduce unnecessary use of honking”

We found a superhuman obviously as he did the unthinkable in terms of Bangladesh.  Jokes apart, Mominur Rahman is currently working in an advertising firm and also a social activist. Mr. Mominur Rahman Royal drove 9000 Kilometer without a single beep.  On February 21st, 2019, he started and finished the estimation of 9000 Kilometer this November 9th, 2020.

Sound pollution is one of the major problems in our country. Unfortunately, we overlook it like a fly in the ointment. Mominur looked at this issue differently and tried to grab attention. Back in 2015, his slogan was in vogue. In modern language, it means people are foolish as they give horn. That slogan also grabbed the seat among youngsters. People used to print this quote on t-shirts and stickers those days. Later in 2018, he started to stand on the road with placards to raise awareness.

” I met several traffic sergeants who lost their hearing for honking. One officer shared his story with me. He had to turn his television volume so up that his family used to get irritated. But his hearing was damaged”, He added.

The maximum noise level a human being can tolerate eight hours without some loss of hearing over time is 85 decibels. The maximum noise level that can be tolerated by humans for eight hours without some loss of hearing over time is 85 decibels, according to WHO.  In this city, more than a million motor vehicles are registered. In 2017 according to the environment department study, the sounds of honking can reach 110 decibels during peak hours. Although, the government has imposed six months’ imprisonment as anti-honking laws.

Bangladesh is developing and with time it has to improve as time demands. After all the odds, Momimur said that he will keep carrying his responsibilities until noise pollution reduces. He is hoping someday the situation might improve as we all