The sixth-generation Honda Grace, arising star of the recondition market in Bangladesh

Honda is no new name in the automotive industry. From the Civic to the NSX, it has everything to offer. The Grace, on the other hand, is something is the middle of the Honda Civic and the Honda Fit hatchback. In this issue of Recon Talk, we find out what is has to offer.

Gracefully humble

The Honda Grace, internationally known as the City, has been around for quite a while now and recently has been becoming common around the streets of Dhaka. With a price range of 20-22 lacs, it goes par with cars such as the Toyota Axio and the Suzuki Ciaz providing tough competition on the table. In this issue of recon talk, let’s find out what it has to offer.

What to expect from the“Gracious” Honda Grace?

The car comes in three optional packages. DX, LX and EX being the highest grade among the bunch. To keep this article relevant by not making it way too long, we are mainly going to discuss about the EX and LX packages since they are very similar and the DX is missing quite a lot of key features such as cruise control, brake assist, leather steering wheel and HID headlamps even though, all cars come equipped with a 1.5L four-cylinder hybrid engine with a 7 speed automatic transmission bearing 110 horsepower and 134 Nm of torque which is not too shabby for a car meant to be daily driven. Nevertheless, since this is a Honda that we are discussing about, expect reliability and efficiency being the biggest priority.


Exterior and looks

The Honda grace is a sedan which quite realistically, is on the smaller bracket of the midsized class albeit being advantageous for cities like Dhaka where it’s mostly crammed on the roads. Externally, all the trim levels look almost the same apart from the EX which comes with factory fog lights and 16” alloy wheels. Both the LX and DX come with 15” steel wheels bearing a plastic cover and do not have factory fog lights. The EX and LX also come with HID LED projection headlamps where the DX comes with halogen headlamps.

Interior and key features

Climbing inside the Honda grace, everything looks well positioned and laid out. The steering wheel is stitched in leather and has quite a few control buttons for the cruise control and the infotainment system. The seats come in fabric with leather bolsters which are quite large, providing good support to the driver. The EX package also comes with paddle shifters which gives more control on the transmission where you can shift gears “manually” in sport mode, for all you racecar drivers out there to maximize the feeling that you are no one but Lewis Hamilton, in a Honda Grace. The key difference between the LX and EX is that the LX does not come with seat warmers, mirror warmers, the optional paddle shifters and a few bits and pieces of chrome around the interior.

Fuel consumption and maintenance

Being a daily driver, it’s important to have good fuel economy and ride comfort where Honda gets both of them. It provides 18-20 kmpl inside the city and peaks at 22-24 kmpl outside the city which is quite good.There is always a questionable fuss around the fact that in Bangladesh,any other car rather than a Toyota, acquiring spares is just a nightmare. But in this case, it’s becoming less of an issue as the car is getting more and more common as time goes by. There are many groups in Facebook targeted towards Grace users where there is a plethora of people sharing information regarding the car and overall helping out the user in need.


The Honda grace is overall a great car to drive and be chauffeured around. It provides good fuel economy and has features that are quite hard to find for price given to it. Although the DX package skimps on a lot of features that both the packages have, it still has the engine and the transmission. But I’d rather choose either of the LX or EX and forget that the DX even exists as it takes away too much in my opinion.