GMC teases new Hummer EVs’ reveal date


In mid-2019, rumors began to circulate that General Motors was considering reviving the Hummer nameplate in 2021, as the market for off-road vehicles was taking a new shape. In February this year, the revival of the Hummer marque was revealed in a Super Bowl commercial by GMC, who planned to bring the nameplate to light again through electric truck and SUV models, set to be revealed on May 20th. Much like most other events now, that didn’t happen due to the coronavirus pandemic, but now, the company says it will officially reveal the two models later this year.

Silhoutted pictures were teased by GMC, with outlines showcasing the shape of the new Hummer truck. As far as the eye meets, the design language seems true to Hummer roots, with a boxy, squared off design. The truck appears to be a crew-cab, short-box configuration with a squared-off front end. The same goes for the SUV, which by the looks of the teaser seems quite Hummer-y to say the least. Thus far, we know that GMC plans to offer one, two and three motor versions of these new trucks. The production EV with its 1000 horsepowers can reach 0-60 time in a claimed 3 seconds. The EVs will be powered by the modular “Ultium” electric vehicle platform that GM unveiled in March, which uses a battery pack that can scale up to 200kWh. They’ll also feature GMC’s semi-autonomous driving mode, aka “Crab” and “Adrenaline” mode.


The new automotive market inclines towards EVs and more utility based practical vehicles, i.e, SUVs and crossovers. Combine them both and you have…

This spells an entire new era for automotive history. Pitting up against competitor cars like the Tesla Cybertruck, we are about to enter a whole new paradigm of cars.