GMC shows Crab Mode in new teaser

A new teaser video from Hummer shows their truck using the recently teased Crab Mode feature. Additionally, we get a glimpse at its design from a Birdseye view, consequently showing us the truck’s removable roof.

The Crab Mode feature was speculated to be a counter to Rivian’s tank turn feature, which allows their R1T truck to spin around their own lengths. The new teaser video shows the Hummer truck on a beach, and all 4 wheels turning in the same direction, moving the vehicle sideways, concurrently showing a crab walking by the wheels, an obvious implication towards the Crab Mode. It is without a doubt that it is GMC’s reply to the tank turn, but we have yet to see the Crab Mode in (more) action.

While their initial plans of a May reveal faced a delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, GMC is set to reveal the Hummer EV truck on October 20, with deliveries commencing on the fall of 2021.