Fluid power firm Gates’ continues operations, donates $535,000 in response to COVID-19

Ever since the company’s foundation back in 1911, Gates has successfully managed to power through some of the most significant crises in modern history, including World Wars and global economic crises. This time is no different, as Gates have not only ensured safety for their employees but have charitably donated over $535,000 to organisations responding to the current crisis.

Gates CEO, Ivo Jurek, has announced at their website that they have prioritized the safety of their 14,000+ employees and their families and communities across their 110+ offices, factories, and distribution centers around the world through various risk mitigation efforts. As such, they have been able to continue business even in this crisis in all of their locations around the world, where local regulations permit and customers in essential industries require their support.

Additionally, the Gates Industrial Corporation Foundation is working with nearly most of their facilities around the world to identify and help fund local nonprofits that are making a difference, directed by the company’s global headquarters in Denver. “Gates’ global charitable initiative is intended to empower local organisations. We’re tapping into local knowledge to address area-specific needs,” said Josef Parzhuber, president EMEA.

Here in EMEA, we’ve been able to direct our support to 19 charities making an impact in all of the communities we call home.

Their charitable initiative began with a donation to the Hubei Charity Federation, in order to support the medical needs in the area where the virus is believed to have originated. Now, their aid campagin spans other parts of North and South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Greater China, East Asia and India, including 17 locations across the United States. Local hospitals, food banks and other humanitarian organisations have been some of the recipient parties besides large NGOs, such as the United Way and the American Red Cross. To help the recipient organisations to expand their taskforce and flexibility, donations summing upto more than $535,000 has being distributed thoroughly amongst several facilitations. Gates have supplied Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for frontline medical professionals and health care services, and have provided food and housing for the vulnerable populations impacted by the pandemic.

According to Gates, their priorities during the pandemic have included the following: keeping their 14,000+ employees and our families and communities safe, working with local, country and regional governments to mitigate the spread of this virus and continuing to support other customers, many of whom are in essential industries such as transportation, energy, agriculture, construction and other critical industries that must continue to operate during these times. Their fast response to the crisis has enabled them to continue business operations and support their employees during these trying times, while keeping safe all the while; an environment that they have applied multiple measures to achieve. For further details you can head on to their website at gates.com for the technicalities on their elaborate response to the current situation.