There was a say that the high-performance RS6 Avant wagon really is being sold in the U.S. So, to prove everyone wrong, Audi published some photos of the first batch of cars arriving at the Port of Davisville in Rhode Island. They are expected to arrive at U.S. dealerships in the coming weeks, and though the company wouldn’t share exactly how many cars were included in this first shipment,

“An Audi representative said the company already has “many” orders.”

The 2021 RS6 Avant starts with a price tag of $110,045 and is the first RS wagon that Audi has ever sold in America. It has a 591-hp twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V-8 engine and all-wheel drive, making it a worthy competitor for Mercedes-AMG’s own high-performance wagon, the E63. Now that the cars are arriving in greater numbers, more news should be coming forward.