Enter the 847hp manual behemoth that is the Aston Martin Victor


What is this? Automotive Disneyland?

No, you probably won’t get to see one- the only one, that is. And neither will you get to see Doug Demuro show us its quirks, something it likely is overabundant with. I stand corrected, the entire car is a quirk. Behold the Aston Martin Victor: a one-off supercar made especially for some unnamed one percenter who reportedly wished it would stay off the radar.

Built at Q, Aston Martin’s customisation department, the Victor is very likely to be the embodiment of every Aston Martin fanboy’s wildest dreams. It shares the One-77’s carbon fibre monocoque with Vulcan bits and pieces, and perhaps more excitingly, shares the One-77’s 7.3litre naturally aspirated V12, which was sent to Cosworth to employ 847 horses this time around. EVEN more exciting though, is the fact that our shadow man of culture put a manual transmission in this behemoth. Yes, you read it right. A naturally aspirated, manual supercar, exerting almost 900hp to the rear wheels. To handle all that overflowing power, it produces more downforce at 100mph than the British automaker’s Vulcan GT4 racecar, from which it takes the inboard dampers and the ginormous carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes.¬†What is this? Automotive Disneyland?

“It looks like a Mustang.”

The Victor was quick to blow up on the internet, and something common we can extract from various Facebook groups is people are taking to the thought that this is based off a Mustang. Simply put, they would be wrong. The entire car is a pleasant homage to the Aston Martin V8 Vantage from the 1970s, sharing not only the fundamental design but several interior cues with the Vantage. Not to say that the spirit of what the Victor takes inspiration overpowers its own soul, as it features more than plenty modern amenities. The interior is wrapped by a shade of colour that just screams quintessential British in your face, a subtle and elegant dark tone of green, termed as ‘Pentland Green’, complimented with carbon fibre and wooden trims.

If you sat down a 7 year old Aston Martin fanboy infront of a computer screen with no cap on what he could do, he would come up with some imaginative and unrealistic. This in essence is just that. Sometimes dreams do come true, and perhaps this is a concoction of the 7 year old version of our unknown man of the hour, brought to life.