In this issue of Turbine, our team has carefully curated for the automotive enthusiast an intriguing influx of information. We have taken an in-depth dive into Jeep and Ford, two of the most influential automotive giants in the world. Paying respect to the increase of the market’s demand full full-size and mid-size SUVs, we’ve incorporated a few interesting submissions which we know to be an interesting read for both enthusiast and prospective buyers alike.

In the motorcycle category, we’ve taken a proper gander at the impressive R15 and curated for you a top list of cruisers and naked bikes. On the passion side of the magazine we sat down with Menal Chowdhury, a rider with a lot of girl power to hear her stories of grand touring Bangladesh while on the business side of the spectrum we sit down with Fahim Khan for a COVID to post COVID effects on the motorcycle market of Bangladesh.

The June 2020 issue further consists of articles including detailed instructions of how to build your own bicycle, some important points regarding road safety, and of course, die cast. Team Turbine, as always, has poured their heart and soul into the content and we are proud to be able to present this issue to you.