Drop by M.I.C

With the abundance of eateries to choose from, often going out for a bite falls short of entertainment. Of course, there’s no bigger joy than enjoying a well-cooked good meal with friends or loved ones, but what if you could try out a place that offers not only food but entertainment as well?

Rev up your engines, and drive towards sector-13 in Uttara to check out “Meal In The Car?”. What’s so special about this place you wonder? It’s a restaurant completely decked out from the entrance to the washrooms in car-inspired décor.

From seats that look like the actual ones inside race cars, to actual cars(minus the engines and roof) that have been modelled after a Mercedes, Mini Cooper etc., inside which, you can sit and enjoy a meal, in addition to offering a virtual reality race car gaming option (9VR). The washrooms come with tyre shaped basins and taps modelled after fuel injectors, this is one restaurant that takes the car theme not only seriously but literally too!

The menu, which also happens to be shaped like a car, offers a mouth-watering blend of continental and Italian influences and a separate functioning juice bar, from which customers can choose from 40 different kinds of beverages ranging from hot to cold, like mocktails, soft drinks, cappuccinos and more.


Try out their “quick bite” options that include perfectly cooked “grilled calamari”, “chicken on toast” or “shrimp cocktail”, soups, to burgers named after popular cars and engines like the “Black Benz”, “Twin Turbo”, “Redline Bacon” and many more. A must try is their “Orange BBQ” pizza—after all if you can have pineapples on a pizza why not oranges? As blasphemous as it sounds, the fresh orange bits blend in with the other ingredients the pizza giving an addictive and refreshing citrus burst in each slice.

If you still remain unconvinced, then nothing beats their very much affordable signature dishes such as, “Salmon Steak”, “Seafood pizza” and “Chicken Enchiladas”, on which “Meal In The Car” is currently offering a further 20% discount till 20 September.

The moto that “Meal In The Car” promotes is “safe roads and safe food”– although the restaurant has already been operational since July, future plans of developing campaigns related to “road safety” are already in the pipeline for this eatery, as they currently focus on maintaining the optimum quality of food and service provided.

The great thing about “Meal In The Car”, is not just the interior or the food, but the fact that the servers and other staff are very welcoming and accommodating. Often, in Dhaka we stumble upoun restaurants based on various quirky to unique themes but rare is to find one that adopts a social message alongside it, so in other words, drop by this brand-new restaurant and don’t forget to drive safe on the way there!