Tell us about yourself

I am Mohammad Wasiuddin, I studied in Mastermind school and graduated from IUB (Independent University of Bangladesh). I am currently the Managing Director of Sunmoon Tailors PVT Ltd and also the Director of Stitch Art.

What made you passionate about cars?


It was my dad Md Kutubuddin he used to own a Vespa and used to take me for rides from a very young age, stillI always used to ask him to buy a car and one day he shocked us by buying a brown chocolate Toyota Publica P30, I can still remember that day, I was so glad, but soon that car began to be a problem because of mechanical issues so my dad sold the car. I was really upset, and because we didn’t own a car and were back to the Vespa. My dad wanted to buy a car but not a used one like our first car. In 1989 he took me to Chittagong port with him to buy a car. It was my first ever trip to Chittagong. A friend of my dad came in the morning after the day we arrived and took us to the port of Chittagong and from that moment on my passion for cars developed like I was in paradise, cars everywhere it was like a dream to me. This time my mother chose the car she chose a Cream White Colour Toyota Liteace 4 door van. The drive back to Dhaka was one of the best drives of my life; this motivated me to learn how to drive. My father used to let me sit on the driver seat and steer the car and change the gears while it remained stationary, as I could not reach the pedals, I could not wait to grow taller so that I can learn how to drive. In 1992 my father bought a sedan for himself it was a Pearl White Toyota Corolla ee90 Se Limited with Red interior, this was a really fun car and this is the car in which I learned how to drive.  I used to sit on a pillow while driving, so that I could clearly see the road.

Do you consider fuel in this country to be a problem?

Yes it is a really big problem; the cars cannot reach their full potential the engine also gets damaged because of the bad fuel.

 What car/cars do you own?

I own a Mitsubishi Evolution 7 GTA, a Mercedes Mercedes-Benz E class 2017 and an x trail.

What is your dream car?

The Lamborghini Countach and the Nissan GTR R34. When I was a kid I saw a poster of the Countach and instantly fell in love. That was the only super car that caught my eye and from then till now I am still in love with it.

When I saw the movie 2 fast 2 furious and saw Paul Walker driving the silver r34 with blue decals it was love at first sight and no other car in the movie caught my eye not even the supra, rx7 and the countless number of cars that were in the movie. My friend bought an r34 in Malaysia and we went from Kuala Lampur to Penang, I will never forget that ride. I don’t know if it is possible to bring an r34 to Bangladesh but this is the only car I want to own in Bangladesh badly.

What made you start Super Tuner?

My friends and I used to have a group called Racer X, but as we grew older we could no longer find time to get out. We then decided we should meet at least once a year, this was the start. In the first Super Tuner event there were only 15 cars, 70 cars showed up in the next Super Tuner event and the number of members continued to grow. With the help of our friend Malik Talha who gave us the venue, my friend Anis Zaman and I organized the event and we all chipped in as there were no sponsors.  I am planning on a road trip to Sylhet with 20 super tuner members and by the end of this year I want to bring an influential person in the racing or drifting scene abroad.

What advice would you give to young car enthusiasts?

My advice to them is to drive responsibly and not to drive when they are intoxicated.

Which car do you regret selling?

The Toyota crown and  Honda civic. The Toyota crown is undoubtedly one of the best cars I have ever driven, it has fantastic torque and great comfort if I could I want to buy it back.

Back in 2002 I reached 220kmph with my friend in the car, it was fully tuned and was veil side kitted the car was great and I regret  selling it.

( Words and Photography: Syed Galib )