Do What You Love and You’ll Love What You Do

Asad Moyeen, a collector of vintage cars and owner of MotorWreks, shared his journey of collecting, maintaining and driving cars.


The start of MotorWreks

First of all, MotorWreks is a company which was formed more from passion than by business or sales target. When I opened a workshop, I owned six cars. So I needed a workshop of my own to work on my own cars. And what that started, I thought I might as well make cars and sell to people because I had a lot of demand at that time with Land Rovers and Nissan Patrol before that.


Challenges in maintaining vintage cars

Challenges in Bangladesh is mostly because of availability of spare parts. Everything has to be sourced from abroad. Although we have a lot of skilled workmanship, their commitment is not very commendable. If they get a better offer somewhere, they will go leaving you in the middle of nowhere. You’ve trained them for the last eight to ten years, but it will take him one second to leave you.


Nissan Patrols or Land Rovers?

Nissan Patrols are very close to my heart. I can’t say anything bad about it. But Land Rovers have more character in them as in they speak to you. Nissan Patrols are good, but the AIT scene in Bangladesh, the CC is 4200, so the AIT is over 1.20 lacs, which has killed the market of Nissan Patrol.

The collection

I have a few cars which are quite desirable worldwide out of which there is 71 Dodge Charger, 65 Volkswagen beetle, 65 Land Cruiser Station Wagon, 58 Land Rover Station Wagon, 69 Beetle, then Volkswagen Caravelle Syncro. These are all cars no one would really understand unless you are into cars. And I have a few Defenders. The 65 Land Cruiser that I have is only one that we have in the country. And it is very rare. And the 58 Land Rover is very rare to be surviving in that condition. I’m not into new cars, I like old.

Driving the Supra A90

I’ve had my Supra for 13 years. It was very difficult for me to able to buy this car back then. I was married for one-and-a-half or two years and I thought I had to go for it. So I did buy it and I have it for the last three years. The beauty of the car is it’s a Toyota and maintenance is not an issue at all. The car runs better every time I drive it.


The engine of Supra A90

This is too much media bashing going on, especially from. People who are big fan of the A80. I think it’s nice. But for being a Supra, it’s stupid of Toyota to pull an engine of BMW. They should not need the help of BMW. They are a very big company, a legendary company too. It is their topmost selling sports car. They could do anything. But they should not go with BMW. The whole dash-board inside is BMW.


Deal with fuel

Yes, it’s a big issue. The best fuel I got up in DL Filling stations in Uttara. I think they are consistently good. I tried others including Southern, they have changed. Everyone swears by CSD in cantonment, but I don’t think their fuel quality is very good. The octane rating is also not too high.

Best memory with the car

I will say it was my test drive. When I went with my wife to buy it, we took it for the test drive and the Baridhara DOHS Staff road was not open to public. We got in. I think we did about 175 in third at the Staff road. I thought this is it. I have to have it. It feels everything revolves around you and everyone looking at you. It’s been like 25 years and still doesn’t look bad. Its aged really well.


Actually, people who keep cars like these focus on the next set of parts they should keep. I haven’t actually done anything to it. Probably the last time I changed for this car was seven or eight years back. I have everything in my stock including fuel pump and all that. Since it’s a Toyota, nothing happens to it.


Spare parts and upgradation?

You can’t find it here. I don’t even look for that here. Even if I find, I won’t buy it from here. I don’t think it will be an upgrade anymore in this country. I think it will be a downgrade. Obviously, it will be a new car but it would be downgrade. But if I would have to buy a new car, I’s probably buy a Porsche Boxster or something. But then Tesla is fantastic. That’s the future of the automobile. Although I am a fan of the petrol engine, this will be sorely missed in the future.


Future of electric cars

I don’t think it’s viable. We pay a lot of money for electricity in our country. In the last two or three years, we are getting consistent supply, otherwise we were all victims of loadshedding. I don’t think this country is yet ready for electric cars. The roads are not ready. Flooding affect the batteries too.


Plan for MotorWreks

In MotorWrecks, we have a lot of orders for Land Rovers, around 17-20 orders in the next 18 months. So we have to go ahead to complete that and then plan on Land Cruisers.


What’s next?

I don’t have any plan for a Hybrid car. But I have a plan to make my own chassis for carting or maybe something bigger.