Words: Zayed Ashraf & Tanveer Mohiuddin


The legendary American brand was born way back in 1941 during World War II.  When the war saw its horizon, the US Army wanted a quarter ton, 4×4 lightweight vehicle, now known as SUVs, tailored to their specifications for gaining an edge.

From a total of 135 auto-makers, only three firms (Willys, Bantam and Ford) could successfully submit a design as a collective effort. Willys-Overland along with Ford was the most suitable auto-makers to produce the vehicle on a greater scale. Willys remarkably came up with a prototype named “Quad” which was aligned with its capability of having power in its 4 wheels (4×4 System). The Willys-Overland MB was the vehicle that eventually saw the battlefield, and it was the most versatile automobile the military had ever experienced. The MB is credited with modernizing warfare, thus inspiring General Dwight Eisenhower to conclude that “America could not have won World War II without it as it could almost go everywhere. From that point, there was no looking back for Jeep® Brand

After the war, Willys-Overland filed a trademark application for the Jeep name and worked to repurpose the MB for civilian use. The transition was a logical one, given that the Jeep had already earned fame as a war hero. Test vehicles CJ-1 and CJ-2 evolved into the production model CJ-2A, which was launched to the civilian agricultural market in 1945. Three years later, Willys-Overland introduced the all-purpose CJ-3A, which is considered the country’s first off-road, recreational vehicle. CJ-3A innovations included a one-piece windshield and upgraded transmission, transfer case, and rear axle. Five years later, the CJ-3B appeared with a larger engine that produced 25% more horsepower than its predecessor. The CJ-3B remained in production for 15 years.

The Jeep Life

Jeep enthusiasts make up an entire culture of their own. Jeep Life entails and includes every aspect of Jeeps, Jeepers, Jeeping, Jeepdom making it completely a unique lifestyle. Jeep is the tie that binds the community together associated with it: driving, building, camping, off-roading, cruising, fixing, and just adoring Jeeps. The Jeep Wave is one spectacular way of associating with other Jeep owners who are waving at each other while passing by.

Jeep & Juventus: Two Icons Together:

The Jeep® brand is proud to partner with a team that shares its desire for triumph. The black and white stripes the Bianconeri have faithfully worn for over a century are an unforgettable symbol of style combined with power. A similar story can be told about the iconic seven-slot grille that all Jeep brand vehicles wear with pride. Tradition and reputation must always be upheld.

Breaking the Boundaries: Jeep is the Proud sponsor of World Surf League

Surfing and adventure have always gone hand in hand. And, ever since returning GIs from World War II bought military-surplus Willys MBs and turned them into their own beach buggies, Jeep® 4×4 vehicles have been right there on the quest to find the perfect wave. The best surf spots aren’t easy to access. You need a vehicle that can take you over rocks, through water and across sand dunes, because the harder that wave is to get to, the more special it is.

Jeep In Bangladesh:

Toledo Motors Limited is the Proud and exclusive distributor of Jeep in Bangladesh. Toledo Motors Limited is a subsidiary of ANWAR GROUP of Industries which has an inglorious heritage since 1834. It is one of the leading conglomerates in the nation with diversified business functions.

The Jeep Line-up:

Jeep Wrangler, is one of the most iconic models from the manufacturer since its inception back in 1986. Currently, in its fourth generation–the wrangler features various engines in its different variants.

Jeep Renegade– the manufacturer’s answer to their subcompact crossover SUV segment, was made especially keeping the American and European markets in mind. The production of this model started in 2014 and was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

Jeep Compass the SUV that only comes with a 4-door option, was first introduced in 2007 and is now in its second generation. This model was specifically built to closely resemble the Grand Cherokee.

Grand Cherokee’s production began in 1992 in the full-size SUV category, later, from 1999 the Grand Cherokee was put in the Mid-size Crossover segment. The vehicle is front-engined with rear and four-wheel drive layout.