Ever since its introduction back in 1996, the 718 has been labelled as the most fierce and dominant car in its class.

It never failed to show its superiority to its other colleagues and this time, it is no different as it showed its assertive dominance once again with its new and improved self, leaving its competitors far behind. This 718 Boxster is (to really draw out the football analogy) a car of two halves. If we’re talking handling, it’s as fantastic as ever. Perhaps even better, given a turbocharged engine provides so much more low-down torque, thus allowing you to excite the rear axle at saner speeds and indulge in the fine work of Porsche’s talented chassis engineers more often.


Porsche has always been known for introducing innovative technologies to automobiles, taking them to a class of their own. They do things which seem impossible to the naked eye but still somehow manage to pull it off. And as if this was not enough, their work gets more innovative and neat with every touch. One of the areas where Porsche uses its innovative advanced technology is on the setup of the electronic steering.

“The steering is quicker and sharper, the brakes are more powerful, and the optional adaptive suspension gained an increase in adjustability.”

There’s also a revised stability control system that provides more of a safety net out on the road in Normal and gives you more leeway in Sport. All of the controls and touchpoints are superb and the Boxster remains lighter and more athletic than just about any direct competitor – a Lotus Elise or Alpine A110 aside.

Now let’s go in-depth about the brains of the car (Its engine). This time, Porsche decided to take a big leap by taking a different route.

“Instead of going for the well-known six-cylinder, the 2018 Porsche 718 consists of a four-cylinder engine, making it different from its fellow brethren and ancestors.”

When it comes to efficiency and functioning, the turbocharged four-cylinder outperforms its ancestor in terms of efficiency and fuel consumption as it has greater power output. However, many people are not in favour of this decision as this caused the sound of the rev, for which it was known for, is no more. They don’t provide the high-revving excitement of the old flat-sixes. Despite this unpicking of some of the Boxster’s appeal, it’s still the best car in the class to drive by a country mile. The extra power enhances a chassis that’s even more brilliant than before. If only it sounded like it used to.


Porsche never fails to amaze car enthusiasts with its simple yet exquisite interior, producing a classy and elegant vibe, and it didn’t disappoint us this time either. Its seats are made of fine leather, with red stitching to follow it up. The sports seat also consist of the electrically operated backrest (Porsche showing its innovative tech in great use again). The driving position, visibility, steering wheel size and pedal positions are all just so comfortable yet appealing to the eyes. Nobody does this stuff better.

“There’s little to distinguish the 718 Cayman’s cockpit from the pricier 911, and that’s a good thing.”

There’s no mistaking it for anything but a driver’s car with the absence of a typical infotainment controller knob and traditional cup holders. It’s more classic and sporty than modern and luxurious. The range of motion and extension in the seats and steering column are generous. The roof is as brilliant as always, a fabric item that electronically folds up or down in a matter of seconds at 30mph and below. Refinement is very good when it’s up – it’s nearly as hushed as a fixed-roof 718 Cayman – and it’s relatively bluster-free roof down, and certainly better than any four-seat convertible that wasn’t bespoke-engineered to be topless. It also comes with a 7” inch touch screen with satellite navigation Bluetooth.


Although the 718 has been given a lot of praises and good reviews, there are downsides to it as well. Even though Porsche has done a remarkable job in introducing many new electronic ideas on their products, they need to work on it a little bit as well. For example, the 7” touch screen is a bit sturdy when it comes to using manning it might be difficult to use at times. Porsches personal traffic avoiding system is not that great as well, as people have been better off using Google maps instead. If you are a guy who prefers to drive while listening to songs on good quality, then the 718 might not be your choice as the sound system of the 718 is said to not live up to its cost.

“Speaking of costs, the price of the 718 Porsche ranges from £46,651 – £65,949.”

Although everyone is entitled to their own opinions, the new and improved Porsche 718 is said to be a good bargain for its price according to most of its owners. With an improvement in fuel consumption and a decrease in C02 emission, it sure seems like a great run for the money. The chassis really is one of the very best in the business, and until the lovely little lightweight Alpine, there was nothing to touch the Boxster and Cayman pairing when it came to a sports car offering a wonderfully judged mixture of everyday ability and otherworldly handling. It may be wounded, but the Boxster’s still brilliant. And now the six-cylinder engine is back for the GTS 4.0, it’s more brilliant still if you spend the right money


This particular unit is riddled with special optional extras such as, not limited to.

. Bordeaux red leather interior
. Sport Chrono Package in Racing Yellow
. Sport Exhaust System
. 20 inch 911 Turbo Rims
. Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus
. Sport Bucket Seats in Carbon Fiber
. Instrument Dials in Racing Yellow
. Racing Yellow Seatbelt
. BOSE ® Surround Sound System