Choosing something like engine oil for your car can be overwhelming when you have a plethora of options in front of you. Not only there are different brands to choose from, but every gallon has a different rating on them. Thus, let’s explore through this sea of bazillion oils and find out what is the correct engine oil for your car.

What exactly is engine oil?

Engine oil is mainly a lubricant. It runs through your motor and makes sure to protect the moving parts in them so they do not rub together. Engine oil is a very essential element in any moving vehicle to provide both smoothness and protection of the engine. If there is a shortage of lubrication in the engine, the moving parts might shave metals inside the block and might as well seize it completely. Thus, it’s very important to keep the levels normal and check oil frequently.

Explaining ratings

Now that you know what engine oil is, you will often see different ratings on the gallons you buy from the market. It’s usually two sets of numbers like 10W-40, 20W-50 or anything like that but, dealing with different numbers. These set of numbers mainly tell you the viscosity (the measure of of how thick or thin your oil gets depending on the situation) of the oil you are dealing with.