Buying the correct type of car.

Buying a car can be a hard task to get through, even for an auto journalist like me. When I get asked around by friends or that one uncle from my family on what should they buy, most of the times I find myself overwhelmed by the number of choices and car types present on the market on a given budget and by the car aficionado people think I am, they think it’s easy for me to conclude the spot; which is not exactly easy. Thus, without further ado, here I present you a foolproof car buying guide which hopefully will help you to make your choice depending on the situation you are in.


This the most important factor taken into consideration when making a purchase and usually the first question asked when seeking a car in the market. There is a plethora of options to choose from and can be overwhelming when trying to see it as a whole. Another fact to take into account is the number of options and the spec of the car. A fully spec loaded compact SUV can cost as much as a base model mid-sized SUV thus, depending on your budget and what purposes your car will serve, a choice needs to be made.

Features and Grade

As highlighted in the previous paragraph, the price of your car changes depending on the spec and grade you choose. A base model of a car usually skims a lot on additional features to save as much money humanly possible thus when buying a car, features need to be chosen carefully, depending on what will provide aid when you drive like HID headlights or a reverse camera and, what will add to your car as a cosmetic piece like an additional front bumper lip or black rims. If you are upgrading your car from an older model, always make sure what extra you are getting and adjust your features according to your needs.


Often an ignored aspect from people when buying a car sadly, the safety measures provided from the vehicle you are buying will make sure to keep you alive when things go south. As technology advances, safety concerns are also getting tighter but also increasing the number of beeps when a random car gets even a tad bit closer than the car wants. Accidents never come with a warning thus, making sure of everyone’s safety should be the number one priority when making a purchase.

Resale value

The biggest priority of any Bengali when buying a car, to the point people do not even care what feature is missing and what is not missing. Resale value is an important aspect to take into consideration but buying a car seemingly based on the resale value is completely pointless as, except for an emergency, not many people buy a car only to sell it after a few months. A fairly common car with enough aftermarket support in a country should get a lot of your pennies back when trying to sell your car.


After considering everything, revise what the competing brands are offering compared to your choice. Being a Bengali, almost 90 percent of the time it’s going to be a Toyota no questions asked but, try to seek out what the competitors like Honda, Nissan, and other Japanese brands are offering. Chances are you might find something even better for a cheaper price thus, keep exploring until you find the closest gap of a car to money.