BMW M Track Day 2019

BMW M Track Day 2019
How is it like, being a Citizen of M Town.

October 6th, 2019, the sky is scenic, asphalt of Sepang International Circuit which hosted legendary F1 teams such as Ferrari, Mercedes, Redbull Racing Tag Heuer with drivers like Kimi Raikkonen, Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Daniel Ricciardo and so many more. It is a surreal feeling to be at the same venue where these legends created racing histories. Behind the steering wheel of the 2019 BMW M5 Twin-Turbo 4.4-liter V8 ready to unleash a beastly 600HP and 553 lb-ft torque, any auto enthusiast will be more than thrilled.

Back track to 3rd October 2019.  We were excited ever since Executive Motors Ltd informed Asif Hossain, founder Auto Rebellion, regarding the M Track Day hosted by BMW Asia in mid-September.

Rumbling exhaust notes of BMW M4 Inline-6 Twin Turbo and BMW M2 Competition Turbocharged N55 Inline-6 and adrenaline already rushing up. You are in the moment. Full throttle, zero to hundred in 2.8 sec reaching more than 200 KM/H on the straights of Sepang Circuit. Only two days back on October 4th, we landed at KLIA with mere assumptions of what we were going to be a part of. BMW Asia accommodated the M Track 2019 participants at W Kuala Lumpur, a Marriot 5 Star hotel next to the Petronas Twin Tower. BMW Asia arranged a dinner at Cantaloupe at Troika Sky Dining where the media team and clients of Executive Motors Ltd had an ice-breaking session over an eight course meal. As we progressed towards the luscious dishes, we learned about what plans followed for the second day.

The next day started with an amazing breakfast buffet at Flock (hotel dinning). Guests were taken on a tour to Batu Cave, a religious site in on the 10th limestone hill from Ampang, where the tallest statue of Murugan (a Hindu deity) stood covered in 300 liters of gold paint. Later we visited the Royal Selangor Headquarter where we caught the sight of the world’s largest pewter tankard recognized by Guinness Book of Records. Royal Selangor has been producing pewter products since 1885. The guests were surprised with a Pewtersmithing Workshop at School of Hard Knocks where we made pewter bowls with our names on it. After the artsy workshop the guests were taken to Manja Old Malaya based on a century old house just next to the KL Tower for an east meets west lunch menu. One last stop before heading to hotel was at Jadi Batek Gallery which is the largest batik and handcrafts center in Kuala Lumpur. Here guests learned art of batek painting and design batek t-shirt of their choice, which was later delivered to our hotel room that engraved memories of the colorful experience.

Coming back to the track day, drivers from morning session were tearing past the Paddock of Sepang Circuit. The guests, now drivers of M cars, were learned about rules and regulations of M Track Day in the driver’s briefing. BMW Asia’s generosity was limited to their fine hospitality and not their cars. “If you crash, you pay!”, warned Wong KK, the instructor for the day. Wong introduced us to the first practice course, “Acceleration and Braking”, where we took the M Cars to 100 KM/H and had to brake hard. I was promised a brake pedal to be shipped to Bangladesh given I could break one! The following course was a track walk at turn number 4, the most scenic part of Sepang International Circuit. We were than escorted to a lead and follow session through the guided course. The BMW M5 is indeed beastly when floored, yet the counter measures the car provides with it’s AWD system is precise to the milliseconds. Driving the M5 through the corners of a Formula 1 track is unparalleled to driving anywhere else. The M5 is super forgiving if you do not fiddle with the ESP and traction control. The M2 Competition is more party biased. The RWD layout of the M2 Competition sends you sliding as soon as you think of going sideways. The fun-loving M car packs quite the punch with the turbocharger. I still grin to the thought of driving the manual transmission variant with traction control turned off.

Driving on track is being lost in world very different than we know it, and there is hardly any match to driving in a fast track in a BMW M car. The BMW M Track 2019 was not only a four-day track day trip. It extends beyond performance and into the quality of experience BMW provides to the owners of these beautiful machines.