BMW a lifelong passion

Dewan Sajid Afzal is a general manager of Executive Motors Limited. He is quite aggressive as a team player. He loves to lead any brand from the front. He has a great experience of representing the top global brands including Apple, Microsoft, Kohler, Acer and Vito. But we have exclusively interviewed him on BMW, one of the global automotive brands in the world.

Journey with Executive Motors in Bangladesh

How did I start with BMW? When I was growing up, James Bond was a popular movie then. I am talking about the 90s. BMW has used in James Bond. I got the passion from there. When I really got the opportunity to work for BMW, I couldn’t say no. Talking about BMW and Executive Motors, it has started its journey in 2003. Since then, we are dedicated to confirming all those requirements reflected by the customers here in Bangladesh.

Luxury automobiles in Bangladesh

When we introduced BMW in Bangladesh, our potential customers were not aware of luxury cars with advanced safety features that were technically robust cars in terms of performance and comfort. Now customers are mostly aware of eco-friendly and fuel-efficient luxury cars. That customer preference has changed the concept of luxury cars now.

The luxury car market is growing. Compare to ten years ago, the target group has grown as well. For the last decades, the GDP of Bangladesh has grown almost 7%, which is year on year. Purchasing power has increased too. I won’t surprise if more new brands decide to come into this market.

However, BMW is leading at the pace of the automotive industry for its innovation and technology. Our clients understand this and that is why they prefer BMW over other cars in the luxury segment.

BMW is a niche market?

BMW is unlike other car brands. It is more about passion. It continuously seeks those customers who are passionate about the car. They always go for that market where passionate people belong to, regardless of how small or how big it is.

On behalf of Executive Motors, we offer everything for our customers. Their choice is always a priority. If they want to buy any BMW model globally, we are ready to provide it to them.

Marketing of an expensive car in Bangladesh

It is an argument. Cars are expensive due to the high cost of imports and taxes in Bangladesh. Sometimes our clients are unaware of the high import duty prevailing in the market. This is where we have to change our perception, not just on the local cost structures but on the values and unique propositions of owning a BMW.

A lot of things are involved in the purchase of a BMW. But at the same time, our customers consider our positives, our technological superiority, and our design dominance far outweigh the negative impact of a high price.

So, clients are easily swayed once they see the bigger picture and test drive our cars.

BMW is well-prepared for hybrid and the electric car era

We have realized it five years ago that the hybrid and the electric car is the future. If you want to stay alive in this automobile industry, you should have ample investment. I would like to say, we are ready. In fact, we are the only brand in the country who is offering Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles right now with a 100% service facility. I will say we are ready for this change for the last two years.

Upcoming for Executive Motors

In terms of business, BMW has launched a few good models this year. That is X7 which has been launched first ever for the market. We are going to launching this model soon. We have already ordered it, and hopefully, it will come very soon this December. The New X7 is coming this December too. Now it is complete with a new change and with a new look. These are the two models that we are bringing in this year. In terms of expansion, we are going to open our showroom in Chattogram by end of this year.

Achievements of Executive Motors in Bangladesh

We have so many achievements. Over the last seven years, we have launched so many beautiful BMW models. I want to mention those two things that are remarkable. firstly, it is the launch of BMW 7-series in Bangladesh. When we launched 7-Series here, the hype was tremendous. When we launched it, the response we got was too good. It is the flagship model for us.  The BMW Globally was surprised at its success. You will find the BMW 7-series is one of the highest-selling models till now.

Of course, the second achievement is the launch of Plug-in hybrid vehicles in Bangladesh. it is first-ever in our country and that was the proud moment for us.

That exclusive service we offer

You should look at our cars. It’s about our values. In terms of pricing, we are 8 to10% higher in comparison to other brands. People come to us because of the service which is not offered by others. If anyone takes BMW from us, they are securing it for the next five years. You will not have a cost of maintenance at all. Everything is included in the value of the car. If you leave this car to our showroom, you will get peace of mind. As a more important customer. That is why the customer prefers us. Still, we are expensive, people rely on us. And we are proudly saying that we are the market leader.

The third is offering 5 years of extensive after-sales service that is offered to each customer of us. Nobody else is offering that in this market. Each commitment is maintained through the highest standard.

Each standard is maintained with passion. And each success of us are the proud moments.

My preferred Car Model

I would love to have the BMW X2. It is the new car model that BMW comes up with. It’s an amazing car. It’s for the urban generation. It’s beautiful. It’s classy. It’s slick. So, the BMW X2 model is my personal favorite.

My hobbies

I would like to talk more about passion rather than my hobbies. If you want to tell me about the change that I faced in my life is my passion. Now, it is about the growth of this brand in Bangladesh. I am a workaholic person; I love to work a lot. I prefer to work with those who love to work as well. My hobby right now is looking for the overall growth of this brand.