Written by- Tahnic Murshed

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Porsche 718 Cayman GT4

The souped up version of the regular 718, the 718 Cayman GT4 is one of the best cars to take around a track today, capable of outflanking many cars above its price range. If the 718 is a proper enthusiast car, the Cayman GT4 might as well be an ultimate enthusiast car. With a 4.0litre naturally aspirated flat-6 engine and a manual option, it is one of the very few cars today that upholds the automotive glory that every car enthusiast misses.


Porsche 718 Sypder:

The entry level Porsche, is unlike any other entry level car. Essentially the crispest car you’ll get your hands on at its price range, the 718 Spyder is as rounded up as it could be. With transcendent driving characteristics, swift nature and one of the best transmissions in the market, it’s more than just a proper enthusiast car.


Porsche Panamera:

A unique blend of luxury, style and performance in a way no one imagined before. The Panamera is a lone contender in an amalgamated class; although luxury hatchbacks such as the Tesla Model S have entered the market, the Panamera with more luscious space contends with the likes of the Audi A8, Mercedes S Class and the BMW 7 series, but boasts performance that is not shy to intrude on supercar territory, especially with the Turbo model. A blend of super performance and comfort on the very fine line. A 4-door that proudly upholds the Porsche emblem.


Porsche Macan:

Porsche’s small SUV isn’t exempt from the Porsche zeal that every other Porsche enjoys. SUVs don’t always have to pertain to the quintessential dad category and the Macan is an advocate of that. The car handles with the weight, precision and feel of a sports saloon, turns with true agility, and holds an accuracy and instinctiveness that is foreign to other performance SUVs of today with the overly assisted and unattached feel. It’s a driver’s SUV and it doesn’t fail to involve. While it can be deemed as somewhat expensive in contrast to its competitors, its exclusive feel is not to be discredited.


 Porsche Cayenne:

Etched in its DNA is its sports lineage and Porsche’s exemplary method of offering customers a myriad of customisation options, which indeed will bump up the price to eleven, all justifiably so. The Cayenne is a tech-filled luxury SUV that still adheres to driver friendliness, often deemed the king of driver tending SUVs. If rappers said Cayenne in their songs, it would have the positive stigma that the G wagon enjoys. You’ll be in comfort the entire while having the ability to hoon at command.


 Porsche 930:

If you were born during the reign of the Porsche 930, chances are you may have had it as a poster on your wall beside the Lamborghini Countach. Following its domination of the Can-Am racing series, Porsche decided to share its turbocharging technology with their customers, and out came the 930, forever etched into history as the odd one (or 911, if you will) out. A front spoiler, flared fenders, and a rear wing gave it the racing aesthetic, which would be a feeling that would then on baffle everyone around the world, lest boost kick in.


Porsche 911 (991) GT3RS:

Porsche’s overwhelming reply to the GT3RS ultimatum, a modern car that is truly bonkers. Propagating the naturally aspirated legacy that is now on the ropes, the 991GT3RS screams up to 9000rpms as it dominates the track. And the track is where it belongs and it follows a utilitarian path to that purpose like nothing else does. It’s the attainable enthusiast dream car that enthusiasts buy to be stuck on go, not to keep as a garage queen.

Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7:

Regarded as the Holy Grail of RS Porsches among fanatics, the RS 2.7 is in essence the benchmark to all subsequent high performance 911s to the purists. It is arguably the Porsche that set in motion the 911’s progression from being a great road car to one of the finest track machines of all-time, being conceived as a 911-derived race car and the first production street/race 911 widely offered to the public. Yes, a race car for the road. It remains a fast car even by today’s standards, sported handling described as “telepathic”, and a soundtrack you cannot get bored of. As such it has embedded its name into Porsche’s lineage for everyone to revere.


Porsche 964:

It’s beautiful. I just had to get that out of the way, but something about the 964 is just so enchanting to me. The 964 represented one of the biggest advances in Porsche history and the carmaker’s engineers estimated that 85% of it differed from its predecessor, the 911 Classic. With its improved aerodynamics, ABS brakes, integrated bumper, 3.6-litre 247bhp engine, redesigned suspension, automatic electric spoiler and air conditioning system that actually worked, it was not hard for drivers to spot where the key changes had been made. It was advanced yet oddly attached to its roots; on the design segment it may have looked like a slight evolution, but Porsche had ensured a significant modernization in its trait.