Among the plethora of Chinese helmets available on the market, Bilmola is one the first international brands to make it through the competition as a Thai manufacturer among the space. This is because Bilmola has been providing ECA certified helmets at a fairly reasonable price thus; today we are going to discuss about the brand new NEX 2 NINJA series.


The NEX 2 NINJA specifically comes in two red and green color ways with striking graphical aspects. Both helmets feature the same design inspired by Japanese ninjas. It has an image of two ninjas playing with chains and shurikens which seems quite badass. In my opinion this design is quite vibrant and out there, mostly preferred by a younger spectrum of people.


NEX 2 helmets are all full faced made with shock resistant thermoplastic.  The interior cushion of the helmet is made with polystyrene and is modular. Other extra features include an extra sun visor smoked black, main visor with a rainbow color, a quick release ratchet system and a 4 channel ventilation duct. These helmets are also  ECE R22.05 and TIS 369-2557 certified.