Words: Tasaoof Rahman

We people always loves to eat food. There are some signature food and we loves to eat those food in the best places. One of the most significant signature food is Kacchi Biryani. Kacchi Biryani is another name for love. We Bengali will never get tired of eating it. In Dhaka City Biryani has developed in its own way. The history of kacchi goes way back. But this tradition was started here in the old Dhaka. Yes, there are many restaurant who are offering kacchi in the streets of Dhaka but should we forget the root? In the old Dhaka the best kacchi is offered by Jomidari Bhoj. In fact if you ask me I will tell you the best kacchi in the whole Dhaka City.

If you are going through Old Dhaka and you want to enjoy your lunch or dinner, you can go to Jomidari Bhoj. It will bring you the mood you need. Even you will see huge people are gathering from different places from noon to midnight. This place will give you a traditional rich vibe and there is a seat on the corner which will give you a real feel of Basilica.

It’s a perfect place for hangout. Their arrangements and the layout is very good and it will give you a feel of Old Dhaka.  Their submission of bringing food to the customer attracts everyone. This restaurant and their staff really knows how to cheer you up.

Jomidari Bhoj generally focuses on traditional way of giving food to the customer. For them both quality and quantity matters. Their menu is quite large but it will not be a problem because they always prefer “Jomidari Basmati Khashir Kacchi”. Their price range of main food item starts from 110BDT to 250BDT. But you can always add extra item like curry chicken, curry beef, kebab etc. The menu starts from just 20BDT and ends up in 350BDT. Not only that they also offer desserts and beverages. Those menu also starts from 35BDT to 280BDT. If you ask me I will prefer their “Pesta Badam er Shorbot”. (Pesto Almond Juice)

The whole world is at stake. Bangladesh is in a riskier situation and many people don’t want to get out of the house to eat. But People wants to eat kacchi biryani. No need to worry about that because Jomidari Bhoj is giving home delivery to many locations.

Think Once! What would it feel like to have Kacchi Biryani with a traditional vibe and eating biryani like a Zeminder? To turn the fantasy into reality you can visit Jomidar Bhoj. It is must for the people who live nearby Old Dhaka.

The founder of the restaurant ensures that you get a traditional vibe with a glorious taste and Extensive seating arrangement. I will say don’t believe me at all. Go to Jomidari Bhoj and see for yourself. You will love it for sure. This restaurant will refresh you and always remember you don’t need any reason to eat biryani.