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What are your new car expectations for a new car? The premium quality? A touch of class? Or are there a range of features? Or the most advanced technology? Or would you just want your budget to do so? Or all of the above? If so, DFSK Glory i Auto is the perfect option for you.

About DFSK

Dongfeng Sokon (DFSK) is Fortune 500 Company and one of the top 3 car manufacturers of the world’s largest manufacturing country, The People’s Republic of China. The meaning of the word Dongfeng is “Eastern Wind” in Chinese. The Eastern Wind has influenced almost all the car manufacturers in the world. They partnered with Honda, Kia, Citroen, Peugeot and have gained every bit of experience from cars all around the globe. Exports to Europe and 70 other countries globally. DFSK is also the licensed manufacturer of Honda, Nissan, Kia, Renault and Peugeot in China.

Why is DFSK Glory i-Auto so special?

The driving comfort, a seven seater option and it’s state of the art modern features. But that is not all. The SUV has attained the certification for EURO IV, which even exceeds the requirement for EURO IV emission standards. It has every aspect covered to be regarded as the safest vehicle including 360 parking camera and sensors, 4 airbags for front passenger and driver, anti-theft alarm, child safety lock, ABS, speed sensing auto door lock and pressure sensing windows and back door. To top it all off, the Glory i-Auto has a 5-Star C-NCAP safety rating.

How it drives

The turbo lag is very minimal in comparison to its competitors and provides a maximum of 9 Km per litre in the city and 13 km per litre on the highway. The SUV has a powerful 1498cc powered petrol engine that provides with 148 bhp power at 5600 rpm and 220 Nm torque at 5600 rpm. Uses PUNCH CVT5 Transmission from Belgium, similar Turbo used by HONDA. This car includes soft suspension and adjustable power steering which makes it easy to handle the Glory i-Auto.

All these features are there to improve the overall experience. The leather seats are comfortable even for longer journeys. Glory i-Auto has a 1.8L naturally aspirated non-turbo variant, however it is not available in Bangladesh.

The Interior

When talking about the interior the DFSK Glory is a luxurious leather-like couch for you to cruise on, the leather seats are black colored with front powered seats. The steering wheel has a scale for successful movements and has an underhand grip to keep the hands from running off.

The infotainment system built in the SUV supports both iOS and Android screen mirroring options, leaving the biasness off to the hands of the customers. If you feel that the interior is getting dark or needs more air, there is the option of opening the sunroof and letting the light fall into your luxurious interior. A voice command feature is also present for almost all important functions in the cabin.


The car is a highly-equipped as well as the trendy interior. It provides all the comfort a family might ever need in a car and provides the latest safety features for more peace of mind. But an excellent newcomer is always a newcomer. Although it provides a lengthy five-year guarantee or 1,00,000 km, it’s hard to overlook an SUV with so many features and at such a competitive price. All leads to the fact that the DFSK Glory is an entire package.