Words by- Neehan Rashid    Pictures: courtesy

Die-hard Porsche fans know how gorgeous the 911 Turbo 3.3 is. Everything about the car, starting from the wide rear quarter panels to the iconic Porsche whale tail, is nothing but a work of art. If you collect scale models, I am happy to tell you that Kyosho and Spark are two brands who have done an incredible job in scaling down the 58,000 USD dream to a more affordable 58 USD dream. However, 58 USD for a 1:43 scale model is still very expensive. Hence to save you all from the dilemma and stress of choosing the better model out of the two, we will compare both the brands.

Before we start the comparison, I want to point out that we aren’t dealing with the exact same models. The Kyosho is a 3.3 Turbo and the Spark is a 3.3 Turbo Targa. However, both are 58 USD and are from two reputed brands. Now that everyone knows what we are dealing with, we can get on with the comparison.

The kyosho Turbo is made out of diecast which many collectors prefer since it is cheaper and more durable. The Spark Turbo is made out of resin which has a lower demand compared to diecast models as resins tend to be more expensive and are more delicate. However, resin models also tend to be of better quality and have sharper body lines. For the Turbos, both the diecast and the resin are neck to neck in terms of quality.

For any Porsche model, the most important part would be the Fuchs rims. In the Kyosho the Fuchs are perfectly molded. Unfortunately in the spark the mold is rough and isn’t as smooth as the kyosho. Then we focus on the minute details like the indicators and reflectors. In the kyosho each and every one of them excluding the reflectors on the rear bumper is made out of small plastic pieces which adds to the realism of the model. In the spark all the reflectors excluding the ones on the front bumper are painted. However, one thing spark did differently than the Kyosho is giving the small Porsche logos on the rims and steering wheel.

This little attention to details is what collectors want and Spark has done that brilliantly except the rims which is a disappointment.

The next thing spark did better than the kyosho would be the taillights and the headlights which are both of the perfect dimension and details. In the kyosho, the iconic Porsche taillights are quite narrow and dark hence you really can’t see anything and the headlights are a bit too small. For the interior details the Spark takes the win since they gave the effort of detailing the seatbelts and the dash whereas in the Kyosho it’s just a plain grey interior with no details what so ever but if I had to be honest, for 58 USD both the interiors are under par. Something that is unique in the Kyosho are the opening parts like the trunk lid which shows the air cooled engine and the frunk. For both the cars the whale tails are of similar details and quality.  The Spark also has a nice exhaust tip and a detailed front windshield but in the kyosho that doesn’t exist and the exhaust tip is a small chunky piece of grey plastic which is a letdown. The paintjob for both the models are smooth, and I have no complains. The kyosho is also available in four colors whereas the spark is only available in red. In my opinion the metallic dark blue on the Kyosho is just mind blowing.

Both the models are close to perfect but have flaws. If I had to choose one it would be the Kyosho since almost everything about the model is perfect. If only the exhaust tip were molded properly and the interior had more details it would have been hands down one of the best 1:43 Porsche model available.

The Spark is also good but something about it just doesn’t stand out like the Kyosho does. In terms of availability the Kyosho can be found on eBay easily however for the spark it’s a different case since day by day it is getting harder to source one of these pieces as most are sold. Hence for me at the end of the day the Kyosho takes the cake.