Automatic or Manual

However we put this debate, it is never going to end. I just wanted to make it clear right of the bat. Transmission is a tricky thing to cross out when buying a car. Manuals have their distinct advantages and disadvantages and so do automatics. Thus, here I point out the main differences. Keep reading to find out.


In a country like Bangladesh, among 80% of automatic cars, why should you get a manual you might ask? Most people these days opting for a manual are mainly into project cars or just want the thrill. Other than that, most new cars on the market are automatic. Although manual cars are cheaper and give you better fuel economy, let’s face it, Dhaka traffic will turn your left leg numb on rush hour. This is the harsh reality of manuals in Bangladesh. I have heard a lot of my manual driving folks complain a lot about their cars and driving in Dhaka traffic but, they are not yet ready to give up their manual cars because of the economy they get. I would’ve not given up either if you ask me.


Automatic cars are by far the most common type of transmission in Bangladesh. Every new car that comes around the market is automatic. Even though automatic cars run expensive, Dhaka traffic asks for automatics due to how dense the traffic situation is. Although people say that automatic transmission gremlins are harder and more expensive to fix, the way automatics are getting common, spare parts and garage bills have decreased accordingly.

Verdict; the future

In my opinion, since the foreseeable future is seen to be electric, there might be no modular transmission at all. One linear gear to go forward and another to go backward. But right now manuals are rarely offered as an option in recent cars and even when offered, people opting for one are scare in number. Although the difference in power output has been narrowed as automatics tend to loose less power each revises it receives but, manuals still need to be saved as they are more involving and thus is safer for the roads as well.