The Audi e-tron is a good electric luxury SUV, but when compared to what its rival, Tesla is offering at the luxury-vehicle price point it can be considered to be a bit under par. Apparently Audi has realized this, since it has just decided to-

“Reduce the price of the 2021 e-tron by $8800, to $66,995. It has also increased the range of the vehicle by 18 miles.”


The range increase may not be as huge as some would like, but it does show that the German automaker is making adjustments to squeeze out more power from its battery pack. To achieve the extra mileage, the German manufacturer has increased the usable portion of the 95.0-kWh battery pack found in the e-tron by nearly 3.0 kWh to 86.5 kWh. The amount not available for daily usage is a buffer for the battery to use when some of the usable cells eventually die. Audi also announced dual charging ports, one on each side of the vehicle, for the Premium Plus trims of the e-tron and e-tron Sport back.

The range boost was already being talked about back in December, and anyone in the market for an e-tron will likely be glad they waited.