Are road fatalities on the rise in Bangladesh?

According to the statistics of 2019, almost 7850 people were killed and 13330 people were injured due to road crashes on the road. Compared to 2018 statistics, it can be seen that the numbers have doubled from 2018. Are the numbers still on the rise in 2020? Keep reading to find out more.

Problems to deal with

In Bangladesh, the biggest problem is to deal with is public buses and Legunas are being driven. Especially, Legunas being driven by small kids without official licenses. Buses, on the other hand, get driven around without any sense of direction on the road and they compete with each other to pick up passengers. Some citizens on the other hand ignore the usage of the foot over bridges and cross roads without going over them to save time. Thus it can be seen the problem is not just vehicles, it’s within us as well.

New safety measures

Since the numbers have been increasing as time goes by, the government is trying to make sure that the numbers decrease.  Due to that, there have been new foot over bridges created for crossing roads injunctions and there has been an increase in traffic police has been seen as well. Apart from that many open roads have been getting new dividers to eliminate overlapping. BRTA has been also providing mandatory classes to new license holders as well as to drivers when they want to renew their licenses.

Verdict; is enough being done?

I think revising laws for public transport like buses and Legunas would be a great start to fixing road fatalities. Introducing fines when foot overbridges are skipped might make the use of those more prominent. Other than that, educational videos and programs on how to stay safe on the roads may increase safety among walking citizens as well.