In a conversation with Mohammad Aslam Parvez he told us how perseverance and a positive attitude helped him to achieve his goals.

  1. How the pandemic situation has affected lubricant industries?

Covid-19 is a major drawback for the entire economy around the globe. Due to pandemic situation among other things, lubricant use also declined.

The whole world was facing lockdowns so it was quite alarming for the lubricant industry. Since mobility halted so thus lubricant. However, nothing is permanent in this world and that includes this pandemic as well. We are hopeful and positive about the upcoming days regardless of declined sales and less chances of financial recovery.

  1. Do you think there will be new opportunities in the long run?

Persistence is the driving force and matter the most in everything. Opportunities are cyclical. What matters ultimately how one adopts himself and adore the changes. At the end of the day opportunity is solely open observation. If the brain functions these opportunities will eventually follow.

  1. Tell us something about the constraints you have to face in terms of your industry.

New entrant faces every possible problem. Ragging is done for new students by existing ones. Jokes apart, new comers to the industry has to face various constrains as most of the consumers are not aware that they will receive a better value. So yes since APSCO is relatively new in terms of Bangladesh, I did face plenty from formal and informal ways in doing trade.

  1. Can you tell us something about APSCO?

APSCO is all about petroleum products for smooth mobility. From road to sea and   air transport APSCO got it all. APSCO is number one lubricating company in the Middle East. It is also handling the Jet Fuel for airplanes all the airports in Saudi Arabia.

  1. What are the other segments you have other than lubricants?

Currently we are concentrating on lubricants only and intend for backward integration.

  1. How Mr. Mohammad Aslam Parvez became who he is today?

I always believed,” There is no shortcut in life”. As I have stayed in Saudi Arabia for 40 years, I have learned and gained firm beliefs over the time. In the meanwhile, when I finally moved back to Bangladesh, I brought APSCO Lubricant distributorship along with me. Even though, it was not easy grasping the straws but after a while APSCO was able to pass the expectations with flying colors. The most influencing factors were perseverance and positive attitude towards the situation.