A place to unwind on the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway


If you are traveling from Dhaka to Chittagong, the midway stop at a restaurant can be a godsend. It lets you stretch your legs, take care of “natures call” and most importantly, treat yourself with a nice, hot meal.


However, this entire concept can turn to a piece of nightmare if the restaurant in question is not exactly up to standard. We have all heard of horror stories of a restaurant had dirty bathrooms, poor service and atrocious food. Any one of those is enough to ruin an otherwise enjoyable journey. So it is important to select a restaurant that is at the least halfway decent. And I think we have found one.

The “Time square restaurant is located in Mia Bazaar at Chowddogram, of Cumilla, right in the middle of the Dhaka Chattogram highway. Many long distance buses like – Saudia travels, Desh travels etc stops here for a short break.

The restaurant is a three storied building. Spacious areas surround the building, where one can wander about to stretch their legs after a long drive and buy some souvenirs from 3 garment shops that sell locally made clothes and other trinkets.

There are sitting arrangements on the ground floor and 1st floor. The washrooms are clean and well maintained. They offer few fast food items like burgers, sandwich and rolls, but also serve rice, curries, meat, fish and vegetables.


Avoid the fast food if possible. They are not of the best quality and are usually lacks freshness.

The rice and curries are better. You can also enjoy local delicacies such as Roshmali and Bhuna Khicura, both of them are quite good. They also serve different beverages and coffee. Be prepared to spend big however, as all the items are quite pricy.


Overall, the restaurant isn’t perfect. But, after spending over four hours inside a cramped metal box, you would be happy to spend time here over a lot of other offerings on the same highway.