A Lexus that no one knew existed.

Is that a...Supra?

Rummaging through car forums, across millions of thumbnails, there’s always that one thumbnail of a familiar car which at the same time does not seem familiar at all. So, to help your curious mind, you click it and you are greeted with a different world that you never knew existed. Thus, we are going to discuss one such car that you never thought that could be real.


The humble beginnings of the Lexus SC440

Yes, you read that right, there is an SC440. It might not be from the factory but for good reason. When the person behind the build revealed the car, many purists lost their minds on the mere existence of the car. It’s easy to foresee why; it is an A80 Toyota Supra, rebadged as a Lexus and with no top. Not like a T-top like the Supra already has but, a hardtop convertible. Built in Mississippi, before it was the LC440, this used to be a red Supra which by the looks, it was stock for the most part which then got modified to a roadster.



By the looks on the photos, the car retains a hardtop roof (unknown if the top actually works) with a tonneau cover, Lexus carpets, a steering wheel retrofitted from a Toyota Soarer and mirrors with small LED fitted indicator lights.The engine remains as a stock 2JZGE. Finally, the whole car has been rebadged from a Toyota to a Lexus and bears the SC440 badge purely given by the owner.

Current status

Currently, there are no verified tabs on the car apart from some people saying that the car was supposed to have a 1UZ V8 engine. The owner wanted to sell the car but no one actually brought it thus, it ended up abandoned and was about to be scraped but, then again it has been verified that the car got salvaged and the targa top was put back on and sold like that.