5 things to check before going for a ride

Riding is arguably the most thrilling way someone can go from point A to B. However part of that thrill comes from the ever omnipresent danger that comes with using an oversized bicycle that is way faster that it probably should be. Because of this, motorcycle accidents are often crippling, if not fatal. Many of those accidents can be attributed to equipment failure. Thus, to prevent this, it is your best interest to make sure you bike is in perfect order. Here are a few quick things you should check every day before going out for a ride.

Breaks & suspension: Here is something a surprising amount of new motorcycle users do not understand, the bakes in your bike fades. So eventually, you will need to replace them or meet an unfortunate end. Same is true for suspension. As they are tusked with absorbing energy that would otherwise literally dislocate your bones, they too will eventually need to be fixed up. A simple and quick way to check if there is anything work with either of those is this: 1) Get on the bike 2) Grab the hand brake and try to push the bike 3) Push down leg brake and try to pull the bike backward 4) Put your weight on the handlebars and try to push the bike downwards. If the bike doesn’t move and the suspension puts up a fight, congratulation! There is nothing wrong with either of them.


Tires: It doesn’t matter how good your brakes are if the tires in your bike are shot to hell. A worn tire can be as annoying as it can be deadly. So before you go out, inspect the tires. See if the tread patterns are still sharp, the walls are fine, and there is enough air pressure. The entire thins should not takes more than 10 seconds, 20 if you are through.

Welds & nuts: Although suspension and tires gobbles up the lion share of impacts, some of it still escapes and spreads into frame. Which eventually loosen up the nuts and weakens the frame welding. Usually, this takes a long time but poor build quality and very heavy use can speed up the process dramatically.  So it is in your best interest to check them before going out, unless you prefer that you bike undergoes a rapid unscheduled disassembly. One easy trick is to mark the nuts and weld joints with white correction fluid as allows you to check them every day by just looking at them and dispensing the need of a magnifying glass and a torque wrench.


Lights & Signals: As verbal communication is pretty much impossible on open roads, signals are critical when you’re riding. So are the lights, because they are the best protection against you slamming onto things after the giant fusion reactor on the sky goes for his vacation. So before going out, check if all the light in you motorcycle are in working order.

You: A motorcycle can only be safe if the person driving it is. So before you go out please take a good look at yourself. Are you tired; are you ill, are you having trouble concentrating?  Is anyone of these are true, please seat down and take some rest. Going out in any of those condition is not only unsafe for you but for everyone around you. So please, make sure you are psychically able before you go on a ride.