just released their latest flagship, the OnePlus 7T Pro and now it comes with a McLaren Edition, catered to tech geeks and car guys alike. Although most may argue it is basically the same phone as the base 7T Pro, there are some rather unique and bespoke details that make it a bit special.

OnePlus introduced their first McLaren Edition phone last year with the 6T, with much improved hardware and charging.  The base phone, the 7T Pro, is an absolute beast in terms of technology with specs above and beyond what the competition offers for an equally competitive price. The best part about the phone is perhaps the 90hz fluid OLED display, that gives seamless transitions into different window and an overall ultra-smooth user experience.

OnePlus has achieved what many companies have been trying to do for a very long time, a truly bezel less display. They achieve that with an in-display fingerprint scanner which, surprisingly, is super responsive and accurate. The place where the big names struggle, namely Apple and Samsung, is to incorporate the front camera while maximizing the real estate on the front of the phone. Apple opted to go for a notch to house the front camera and depth sensor for the third year now with their 11 lineup, and Samsung made do with a small camera cutout on the screen for the S10 and Note 10 series. Going against the norm, OnePlus employed the use of a pop up camera from the top of the phone, deploying only when the front camera is opened or the use of facial recognition is needed. Multiple durability tests from both big name companies and multiple tech YouTubers prove the reliability of this technology. The triple rear camera is fantastic in both well-lit and low light conditions, and is same across the board for all the 7 Pro and 7T Pro models.

The McLaren Edition has a few more changes that mostly has to do with the aesthetics. If you want your OnePlus 7T Pro to be black, the McLaren edition is your only option. From the back, it displays a beautiful carbon fiber pattern underneath the glass, and a decorated forged carbon esque design around the camera, inspired the interior details from the McLaren Speedtail. It comes in a unique orange box and other McLaren specific accessories such as the orange charging brick and charger. There’s also a bright orange the runs along the profile of the phone that illuminates when light falls on it.

12GB of ram. Yep. In a phone. Perhaps the biggest upgrade over the base 7T Pro, which only comes with 8GB. Everything else hardware wise is pretty much the same. It has the same mind bending charging speed that other OnePluses have, albeit in a different aesthetic. All in all, it is a great way to differentiate yourself from the “average” 7T Pro users, and to channel your inner car enthusiasts to other people.